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Who are we ?

Brown Edition is a streetwear brand, that's more than just a company that sells clothing for profit. We aim to represent South Asian culture and community through fashion by offering a unique blend of traditional South Asian aesthetics and modern streetwear fashion. Moreover, we do have programs like Brown Edition Features and Brown Edition Column, which are in place to appreciate and represent our South Asian community and culture.

behind the scenes

So how's it made ?

It all begins at the design table, where ideas are translated into designs, alongside established South Asian designers. Once we are all happy with our work, the design gets
sent to production, and packaging thereafter. We ensure that each of our product undergoes thorough quality checks before being dispatched for shipping. To find out more about our behind the scenes, follow us on our official
Instagram page!

our reasons on

Why you should get your very own Brown ed ?

Apart from good reasons like 100% cotton, bold printing, we would claim that we are purpose-driven, which is to represent, appreciate and value our South Asian community and culture. So, by purchasing our products, not only are you enjoying the comfort of our first-class quality clothing, but also being part of a valuable cause. Moreover, our designs have been crafted by the best minds making sure they resonate with our mission, instead of just chucking in random words, shapes or faces of celebrities. So if we were you right now, we would head over to the catalog section and start purchasing some Brown eds, while stocks last!